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All About Dogs Show 2016!

On Sunday 25th September 2016, I had the amazing pleasure of being the official photographer at this years All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park. This was an amazing honour for me and I couldn’t believe my luck. I going to be combining two of my biggest loves; dogs and photography into a full days photography event. Excited didn’t begin to cover it!

Crowded fields of people at the All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park, Chelmsford
Crowded fields of people at the All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park, Chelmsford.

There were lots of people and dogs there on Sunday, and it kind of took my breath away to see all dog owners coming together with their dogs to spend the day. That’s how much they love their furry friends. I’m not going to lie, I was completely in awe, and completely jealous. All the dogs were absolutely beautiful and I fell in love with each and every one of them.

I’m a dog lover without a dog.

Now of course to be at the show it was assumed you were a dog lover of some form, but there was activities and entertainment for all, including the kids. They had all sorts going on including a live band and land zorbing. They had performances from Ashleigh and Pudsey, who you may recognise from the photograph above as the 2012 winners of Britain’s Got Talent!

Agility Displays

Dog makes jump through fire box

The agility displays also rendered me breathless in places. Some dogs were learning agility to cope with anger issues, some dogs got a little distracted in the displays, and some nailed it everytime. Jumping through flaming boxes, through the tunnels, over the seesaw. The way these dogs had all trained for this day and performed beautifully was amazing. I was grateful to be there to see it, let alone how honored I was to be there to photograph it!

Dog jumps through large fire lit box

German Shepard runs through tunnel

The agility displays that rendered you speechless!

Dog pulling down seesaw in order to cross it properly

That pup above absolutely had me stunned. Running the agility course absolutely no problem, come to the seesaw and oh no! The wrong end is touching the floor. What is he going to do, run past, skip it? Oh no, this here beautiful pup saw no fear, I’ll just stand up and pull it down so I can cross it properly, this won’t stand in my way! I was absolutely shocked and amazed. The pride I felt for this gorgeous dog, who has no connection to me whatsoever. I was beaming

The fetch & Frisbee competition

Little terrier running with tennis ball in fetch competition

Dogs of all shapes and sizes were in attendance and showing you how they were amazing in their own way. And for just £1 you could enter your dog to play fetch, and score points for how far the dog would run and bring back the item of choice that you’d throw for them. This little dog melted my heart as he ran back with that tennis ball. I don’t think he won the competition but he did a fantastic job!

K9 AquaSports!

Chocolate labrador gets tennis ball in aqua sports pool

Always fantastic to watch is the K9 AquaSports where you see if your dog will jump in after a tennis ball! An amazing amount of dogs while I was watching were scared to jump in, I know! They loved the water though, but felt so much better going down the slope rather than jumping in. It was precious and once again, my heart melted. This cheeky chap above went and got his ball, but wait… He’d spotted another!

Chocolate labrador goes for two tennis balls in aqua sports pool

And it was go time, he was adamant to get both of those balls! Of course, poor thing he couldn’t but boy did he try.

Golden retreiver gets tennis ball in aqua sports pool

Dog makes the jump into the K9 Aqua Sports pool
This guy really went for the jump!

The Sidekicks

The Sidekicks perform at the All About Dogs Show 2016 at Hylands Park, Chelmsford
The Sidekicks performed live by the food area, entertaining all those enjoying their day.

Ashleigh & Pudsey

Ashleigh & Pudsey Meet & Greet at the All About Dogs Show 2016

Ashleigh & Pudsey Performing at the All About Dogs Show 2016

Ashleigh & Pudsey Performing at the All About Dogs Show 2016

Of course Ashleigh and Pudsey were in attendance for the whole day! They performed 3 times and had two meet & greet slots to meet all their fans! And they were absolutely fantastic to watch. And not only did Ashleigh perform with Pudsey but she also brought out a couple of new dogs of hers to show that the relationship you have with your dogs is made by the love, care, attention and training you put into it. Simply beautiful!

Best in Show!

Best in Show at the All About Dogs Show at Hylands Park, Chelmsford 2016

Well done to the 6 finalists who made it to the end of the Best in Show competition at the end of the day, each dog had something different to offer, and what a fabulous range we had in the final 6. Well done to all of you for doing so brilliantly with you best furry friends. What an honour to have seen!

All About Dogs Show Photography

Now I wasn’t being paid to be there for the event, and the only money I stand to make for my 6 and a half hour day shooting is from print sales. That is if any of you in attendance at the show purchase your images. I’m not telling you this so you all rush to make a purchase, I’m telling you because I want you to know that that is how much I love what I do. Unfortunately, at the same time, a girls got to live which is why the photographs are now on sale. It also means I’m not saying it was great because I’m being paid to, I’m saying it was great because it was. It was a fantastic day, and I hope to one day have my own furry best friend that I can take along to the show (providing I’m not photographing it of course!).

Thanks for reading, your love and support continues to keep me going.


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