Girls laying in autumn leaves, why mini photo shoots rock

Mini Photo Shoots with LNZ.

I occasionally offer mini photo shoots here at LNZ. What are mini photo shoots? Well they’re similar to regular photo shoots however they are shorter and more affordable. Because sometimes just a little bit of what you fancy is enough, right? I love doing these photo shoots and I love capturing your little ones personalities. It’s so important to be able to remember these! The purpose of these kinds of shoots is so that I can offer you the chance to have a shorter shoot, a lower price and a regular update to your professional photos.

Why? As we all know updating professional photos of our loved ones is something we often neglect, what with phone cameras these days being what they are. But I want to give you the opportunity to have these incredible memories and beautiful moments preserved. So read on for the top 5 reasons why mini photo shoots rock!

Mother & daughter sitting side by side on log, why mini photo shoots rock

1. They’re Short & Sweet

Mini Photo Shoots don’t last as long, so they’re great for keeping the kids entertained for a short period of time. It also gives them something fun to do, something different, without them getting bored because the session has gone on for hours. I let them be themselves because ultimately that is what we want to capture.

2. Shooting on Location Means Less Pressure

Shooting on location with the kids means there isn’t all the pressure that there is in a studio setting. This means they are much more likely to relax and take better photos as a result. I’m a great believer in getting subjects relaxed because photos are better when they show your true personality. Less pressure means less to worry about and ultimately better photos!

Sisters laying in a field of buttercups

3. Updating your memory collection

This is another big one for me. I didn’t have many pictures growing up or of me growing up, so there is not much to look back on. Being able to look back on a professional photo and say “That’s when Tommy first found his love of football.” Or “Do you remember Michelle at that age? She wouldn’t go anywhere without that teddy bear”. Memories that you will miss when they are gone, but with professional photos you can come to treasure those memories forever, that is why I love to do these shoots.

4. They’re fun!

I like to try and make photo shoots fun and relaxed. I always encourage people to chat to each other or even pretend I’m not there. That way the moments I capture are fun, relaxed & personal. They will show you and your loved ones true personalities, and that is what I think is the most beautiful.

Brother and Sister running from behind a tree

5. The Price!

#5 is the price of Mini Photo Shoots. It’s of course less because you spend less time and so pay less money! They are affordable because I want everyone possible to have the opportunity to remember everything possible. When I have kids I know that I’m going to want professional photos as often as possible. I’m going to want to remember everything I can. I just know I would treasure those photographs.

If you’re completely convinced and want to book a mini photo shoot with me, I now have an offer running for minis until the end of August so don’t delay. There’s limited availability so make sure your get yourself booked in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment!

Summertime Mini Photo Shoots Offer 2016

Thanks for reading guys, remember if you have any questions or would like to book please visit my website or Facebook pages below to get in touch!

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