Child popping a party popper, event photography

My account of Leaving Party Event Photography at
Redbourne Golf Club

Hey guys! Delving straight in with a recount event photography: A leaving party. The family were moving to live in Australia. (Where I’m sure they are enjoying much nicer temperatures than we in the UK are right now. Well sure the bank holiday weekend actually hasn’t been too bad for England, I mean it hasn’t rained all weekend (like normal), it’s actually been pretty nice. Today is a little less so and a little more chilly, however.)

I was hired for a couple of hours to capture event photography of the send off. A party after dark I knew I would need to use my flashgun. In the light of wanting to be mobile and quick I mounted my flashgun to my camera and bounced it off of the ceiling mostly.

When it came to post processing these images, I had captured some fantastic moments. I edited them in a slightly different way than I would usually. These images, were darker and had more contrast than I would usually add. I also added quite heavy vignettes to the photos to focus all attention on the subjects I wanted to draw people to look at.

Technical skills and post production skills aside, being at these events and capturing these moments is why I want to do this job. I’m a big fan of candid photos, real smiles, and real moments. And I feel this is an area I am definitely improving on capturing them.

And I love doing it.

Event Photography that captures beautiful candid moments to treasure forever.

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-11

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-14

Going from the few photos I’ve laid out here for you all to see you can see the way the story unfolds… Starting with confetti, crackers, and poppers laid out on tables for guests. Moving onto family photos all together having a laugh with Australian themed props.

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-30

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-39

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-42

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-47

The Descendants

Capturing those rare candid moments that this family will have to remember for years to come. The daughter playing with the poppers we earlier saw laid out before guests arrived. The friends looking on and laughing, the conversations, greetings of new arrivals.

Some time into the party, the mother of the family who would be to move to Australia lets me know there is a surprise coming for the children… And if I could prepare to capture the moments that would unfold.

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-69

As you can see that surprise was characters from the Disney Channel’s Descendants movie. The look on the girls and boys faces when they came into the room. Magic.

Playing with Magic, Event Photography capturing the most fun moments!

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-85

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-86

Check this out, they even let the children play with there magic staff, and of course this little girl thought it most important to cast some magic on the DJ!

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-100

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-106

Event Photography - LeavingParty;ToOz-110

Event Photography - Leaving Party at Redbourne Golf Club

The story that unfolds here is one of such fun that when I got home and culled and began to edit my images, I find and tell the story. That’s when I know I’ve succeeded in something. And this party, was one of the steps in my photographic growth where I knew that this was what I wanted to be doing. Now they are settled in Australia, with these photos and more from that evening, after a great night and send off from their friends and loved ones.


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