Wedding Photography at Parklands Quendon Hall, Essex, UK

This week I had an amazing opportunity. I got to assist a pro photographer at two weddings! And what an absolutely invaluable experience. The first of which was at Parklands Quendon Hall.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

The first wedding we attended was in Parklands Quendon Hall, which is super exciting because I had a meeting with someone who wants to book me next year for that exact venue! So it was great that I knew I’d be assisting there as I met the couple for next years wedding at Parklands recently. So I had an idea of what to expect come wedding day!

And wow is Parklands Quendon Hall beautiful, they cater to everyone’s needs as well which is fantastic. They offer church weddings, multicultural weddings, same sex marriages and more. They can literally support your dream wedding, whatever it may be! Not only that they have a deer park!

Photography Coverage

Okay so the photographers (us!!) were booked from 13.30-20.30 covering the ‘getting ready’ stage in part and everything in between right up to the first dance. Getting ready was brilliant, the bride had some fantastic ideas for shots she wanted to remember all the details, and all the beautiful bridesmaids. That got me super excited for when I come to work with people by myself, because you always envision the pictures and get super excited (well I do anyway!).

Now the moment for me at this wedding, the moment when you feel super insanely special to be apart of someone’s biggest day of their life. For this wedding, was the first dance.

The first dance as a married couple…

It’s a popular theme among couples these days to only dance alone to part of the song and invite their guests to join them half way through, which is exactly what this couple did. But that first dance when everyone is watching them, because it’s their day, and appreciating the love they have for each other. That’s special. And that moment was just gorgeous, and I felt honored to be a part of it.

And I just know the pictures they get from Dave at, will be all they wanted from the day. And they’ll have them to remember the day, because that’s what you take away from your wedding, other than the wonderful memories inside your head, you take the photos which help you show people and help you visualise yourself back in that moment, the happiest you’ve ever been.

Beautiful. I can’t wait to do more!

To see more of the venue visit their website here…

Lindsey ‘Lnz’